About Our Avocados

Blessed by the coastal climate near the Pacific Ocean, Paradise Grove Hass Avocados are some of the finest.

Unlike Chilean and Mexican groves where the fruit is harvested when immature and therefore watery, at Paradise Grove, our farmers cultivate our Avocados until they reach optimal quality and size, at a maximum weight of 8 ounces. At that size, the fruit is about three times larger than those found in grocery stores.

They hand clip them from the trees when mature but still with green skin. This method leaves a stem nub on the fruit. Ones missing this likely weren't hand-picked and, instead, fell to the ground.

With care, Paradise Grove can harvest the fruit nearly 10 months out of every year, from December to October.

We ship all Avocados purchased via our website directly from the Grove to you for maximum freshness. Because it takes about 7 to 10 days for them to ripen, depending on the time of year, when you receive your Avocados, they still may be hard.

As they ripen, our Avocados' thick skin turns dark green or black. When ripe, the Avocado is firm but yields to gentle squeezing. The skin is pliable for easy peeling. The pale green flesh inside is velvety smooth and tastes slightly nutty. We guarantee they’ll remain fresh and tasty up to 7 days, refrigerated. You may even puree and freeze our Avocados.

Nutritional Information *

Avocados are cholesterol and sodium free.

Our Hass Avocados are chock-full of antioxidants, including glutathione, beta-carotene, retinol, vitamin E and vitamin C.

They're high in fiber, an important dietary component; rich in lutein, which protects eyesight; and high in beta-sitosterol, which helps reduce cholesterol.

They're packed with minerals and about 20 vitamins, including A, B6, B12 and D. They also contain 60 percent more potassium and magnesium per ounce than bananas.

Avocados contain only about 5 grams of fat per serving, but it’s primarily monounsaturated fat, the good, healthy kind.

Paradise Grove Avocados are available in different quantities and in varying containers, making distinctive, desirable gifts for friends, family, coworkers, clients, vendors and more.

* Source: USDA

Where We Grow

We grow our Hass Avocados at Paradise Grove in Southern California, about 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The area, in the foothills between Santa Barbara and Ventura, boasts a microclimate that's ideal for fostering our fruit.

Our Water

We hydrate our Avocado trees with water from two sources. One is underground grottos hidden in the predominantly sandstone Sespe Formation in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The other is Lake Casitas, one of California's premier bass fishing holes, in the Los Padres National Forest.


While almost all the inhabitants of the nearby forest enjoy Avocados—coyotes, foxes, vultures, wild pigs, dogs and chickens have all been seen snacking—bears seem to love them the most. When the sun sets over Paradise Grove, they prowl for and consume fallen Avocados, which to them, beg to be eaten. (Fortunately, they only enjoy the ripe fruit, which is on the ground, and leave those on the trees alone.) We provide water for the bears in various buckets throughout, which eliminates having to repair the irrigation lines. Undoubtedly, these animals own the night in the Grove.


Spring is when small yellow blossoms proliferate on our Avocado trees. At that time, our beekeeper releases several bee colonies in the Grove to pollinate those blooms. Only one out of hundreds of pollinated blooms results in an Avocado, despite the bees' great efforts.

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